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If you like hiking and love huskies, this is the adventure for you. After a full safety briefing, we will introduce you to your Husky Hiking Buddy. We will kit you out with a Husky Hiking Safety Belt and hitch up your Buddy. Our wild, nature hikes will take us to some

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This is a great opportunity for you, your children or group to meet our working sled dogs, learn about each breed and experience the thrill of being a Sled Dog Musher. You will learn how to ride a 3 wheeled dryland racing rig on our grass trail. Once confident we will

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A unique adventure for everyone aged 14 and over. You will be part of our race team’s training session and immerse yourself in the world of dog mushing. You will feel the adrenaline as the dogs are harnessed up, ready to run. You will see the dogs being hitched to the

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